News & Events - Updated March 2018

April 11, 2018: UB CDS hosts One-Day Conference "Disability and Higher Education."
March 2, 2018: UB CDS hosts Prof. Eunjung Kim, Syracuse University, "Curative Violence: How to Inhabit the Time Machine with Disability."
November 17, 2017: UB CDS hosts Prof. Wei Yu "Wayne" Tan, Hope College, "Japan's Hidden 19th Century: Disability Perspectives on the Ordinary (and Extraordinary) Lives of Blind Women."
November 9, 2017: UB CDS co-hosts Prof. Beth Linker, University of Pennsylvania, "The Great War and Modern Veteran Care."
November 3, 2017: UB CDS Book launch, "(Dis)integration: Buffalo Poets, Writers, and Artists 2017."
October 26, 2017: UB CDS hosts Prof. Akemi Nishida, University of Illinois, Chicago, "Re-thinking Interdependence: Creating Community-Based Care Collectives Among Disabled People and their Allies."
October 13, 2017: UB CDS co-hosts "DEEJ" at the Museum of disAbility History
April 28, 2017: UB CDS hosts Prof. Allison Weiner Heinemann, Cornell University, "'I Have a Peaceful Place': Redefining Disability, Trauma, and Access in Law and Education."
April 13-May 12, 2017: UB CDS co-hosts "Ill at Ease," Conor Moynihan, UB Department of Art.
April 11, 2017: UB CDS hosts Graduate Fellow, Anna Wroblewska, Jagiellonian Unversity, Krakow, Poland.
February 25, 2017: UB CDS co-hosts writer, activist, speaker, poet, Eli Clare, "Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure."
February 16, 2017: UB CDS hosts Prof. Catherine Kudlick, "American Telethons, 1966-2016: Disabled People to the Rescue."
November 18, 2016: UB CDS hosts Brian Teare, professor and author of The Empty Form Goes All the Way to Heaven, for a poetry reading and discussion.
November 11, 2016: UB CDS hosts Prof. Jean N. Scandlyn, "Moving Toward a Holistic Approach to Active Duty and Veteran Reintegration."
October 13, 2016: UB CDS hosts Prof. Mike Gill, "Sexual Ableism and Intellectual Disability."
April 1, 2016: UB CDS hosts "Disability and the Arts" one-day conference at the UB Center for Tomorrow.
February 25, 2016: UB CDS hosts Laura Mauldin, Assistant Professor of Human Development/Family Studies and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies, University of Connecticut, "Made to Hear: Cochlear Implants and Raising Deaf Children"
December 1, 2015: UB CDS hosts Ally Day, Assistant Professor of Disability Studies, University of Toledo
November 20, 2015: UB CDS hosts Paul Lawrie, Assistant Professor of History, University of Winnipeg, "Defective by Definition: Race, Rehabilitation and the Making of the Body Politic in World War One America"
October 28, 2015: UB CDS Mia Mingus, "Disability Justice: Theory & Practice
October 21, 2015: UB CDS joins ADA celebracion
October 7, 2015: UB CDS hosts Sami Schalk, Assistant Professor of English, University at Albany (SUNY), "Historicizing the Metaphors: Disability and Representations of Slavery"
April 29-30, 2015: UB CDS hosts "Living in the Community: Changes and Continuing Challenges." A two-day Interdisciplinary Conference and ADA Legacy Tour Stop
April 11, 2015: UB CDS hosts a poetry reading and talk by Meg Day
March 4, 2015: UB CDS hosts Lezlie Frye, PhD candidate, New York University, "'Crack Babies' and the Making of Disability as Racial Damage"
November 14, 2014: UB CDS hosts Stephen R. Ortiz, Associate Professor of History, Binghamton University (SUNY), "From 'Over There' to 'Over Here': Tracing the Impact of World War I on American Society through its Veterans"
November 5, 2014: UB CDS hosts Osagie K. Obasogie, Professor of Law, University of California, Hastings, "Blinded By Sight: Seeing Race Through the Eyes of the Blind"
September 30, 2014: UB CDS hosts Julie Minich, Assistant Professor of English, UT, Austin, "Aztlan Unprotected: Reading Gil Cuadros in the Aftermath of a Pandemic"
April 25, 2014: UB CDS hosts interdisciplinary Writing Disabled Lives conference
April 24, 2014: Author Activist Harilyn Rousso provides keynote address at Writing Disabled Lives conference
March 25, 2014: Professors Miranda Terry and Michael Rembis speak at Sex, Gender, Health: Narrating Wellness
February 20-21, 2014: Kim E. Nielsen, professor of Disability Studies at the University of Toledo, "Disability History is Our History" at Museum of disABILITY History
December 2, 2013: Prof. Robert McRuer presents "Cripistemology of the Crisis: Queerness and Disability in an Age of Austerity"
November 15, 2013: Prof. Frances Bernstein presents "Prosthetic Manhood in Late Stalinist Russia"
October 24, 2013: UBCDS co-sponsors "Disability and the Media: A Community Dialogue"
April 19, 2013: UBCDS hosts "Disability Studies in Education: An Interactive Discussion" on UB North campus
April 2, 2013: Profs. Rembis and Gerber, "AN ORAL HISTORY OF THE WEST SENECA DEVELOPMENTAL CENTER," A Civic Engagement Research Fellows Presentation
March 1, 2013: Professor Rembis to speak at Sex, Gender, Health: Interdisciplinary Perspectives symposium on UB South campus
February 20, 2013: UB Prof. Korydon Smith, "Southern Accents: Disability, Housing, and Identity in the Rural South (and North)," at the Museum of disABILITY History
December 20, 2012: UBCDS to host Society for Disability Studies Affiliated Scholar Program
December 7, 2012: Center for Disability Studies Fulbright Scholar Prof. Sandhya Limaye to speak on "Social Work Opportunities and Challenges to Disability Research in India.”
November 30, 2012: Prof. Geoffrey Reaume speaks about the Psychiatric Survivor Archive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hosted by the UB CDS and the Museum of disAbility History Amherst, New York
November 9, 2012: UBCDS hosts third annual Veterans Day event
October 24, 2012: Prof. Rembis speaks at 'A Walk Into History' on UB Health Sciences campus
October 17, 2012: Roundtable on Civil War Medicine
October 5, 2012: Alison Barkoff, “The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Supreme Court’s Olmstead Decision: Where are we today?”
August 2012: Universal Design Yoga - Matthew Sanford visits UB with, “Opening Yoga to Everyone"
July 18, 2012: Prof. Rembis lectures before 90 as part of UBThisSummer lecture series, “Exploring UB’s Engagement in Health and Wellness”
May 2012: Diversity in Disability Symposium at UB
April 27, 2012: UB Center for Disability Studies hosts “Disability and Citizenship” conference.
March 23, 2012: Professor Ellen Samuels presents, “Ranges of Motion: Disability, Biocertification, and the Parking Permit Paradox”
March 2, 2012: Professor Beth Tauke presents, “A Sens-ible Home”
February 1, 2012: Professor Edward Steinfeld presents, “Changing Paradigms from Accessibility to Universal Design”
November 11, 2011: Professor Martin Norden presents, “Disability, Gender, and Nationhood in Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July."
November 4, 2011: Professor Jim Downs presents, “Diagnosing Reconstruction: Disability and Dependent Freed Slaves in the Age of Emancipation.”
October 14, 2011: Professor Leslie J Reagan speaks on her new book, Dangerous Pregnancies
September 2011: UB CDS launches fall speakers series
April 22, 2011: Dr. Rachel Gorman to Give Talk on Affect
April 26, 2011: Visiting Professor to Give Talk on Disability in India
March 29, 2011: Dr. Rembis speaks at WNY Fair Housing Month Proclamation Celebration
February 25, 2011: Course Offerings for M.A. Program
New! Interdisciplinary Master's (MA) Concentration in Disability Studies
February 25, 2011: "Discovering Junius Wilson: Disability, Sources, Subjects, and Public History"
February 24, 2011: "Dis-remembered: Disability and Removal in U.S. History"
January 19, 2011: New Course Program Addresses Mental Illness A glimpse into a new disability studies program offered
December 2, 2010: Students Mad for Madness in America
November 12, 2010: UBCDS hosts screening of THE GROUND TRUTH (2006; director and producer, Patricia Foulkrod; Focus Features)
October 29, 2010: "Empire of Rights: The convergence of neoliberal governance, 'states of exception,' and the Disability Rights Movement"
December 7, 2009: Center for Disability Studies Names Inaugural Scholar
December 3, 2009: Disability Studies Scholar Named
July 31, 2009: UB College of Arts and Sciences Launches Center for Disability Studies
July 30, 2009: CAS opens Center for Disability Studies

Other News 

October 22, 2010: New York Builds First-Ever Disability History Museum
October 19, 2010: Museum of disABILITY History and Training Center for Human Service Excellence opens in Buffalo, NY
October 18, 2010: Disbaility History Museum Gets Makeover
October 16, 2010: New museum reopens memories for some visitors, People Inc. facility vividly mirrors the stories of their lives
October 15, 2010: Museum of Disability History now open
September 28, 2010: In celebration of NYS Disability History Week 2010, People Inc. announces Plan of Events for October
May 11, 2007: Disabiltiy History Week State Legislative Activity Update
2007: PeopletoPeople Newsletter
Disability History Week